X Division Title History
Current Champion - Freak Show
Date Champion Details
Sept.21/08 Freak Show Defeated Pepper Parks
August 16/08 Pepper Parks Defended against Freak Show
June 8/08 Pepper Parks Won the Derek Wylde X Title Tournament
April 27/08 Derek Wylde Retired as X Champ
April 27/08 Derek Wylde Defeated Pepper Parks
November 18/07 Derek Wylde Defeated Tyson Dux (Iron Man Match)
September 23/07 Tyson Dux Defeated Derek Wylde
August 23/07 Derek Wylde Defended against Frankie the Mobster
August 18/07 Derek Wylde Defended against Ash
July 28/07 Derek Wylde Defended against Matt Burns
June 17/07 Derek Wylde Defended against MVP
June 3/07 Derek Wylde Defended against Akira Raijin
June 2/07 Derek Wylde Defended against Tyson Dux
April 22/07 Derek Wylde Defended against Tyson Dux
April 15/07 Derek Wylde Defeated Ruffy Silverstein
March 10/07 vacant Eddie Osbourne stripped of Title
March 10/07 Eddie Osbourne Defeated Jaime D
March 10/07 Jaime D Defeated Reck
January 28/07 Reck Defended against JTP & Tony "the Fish"
November 12/06 Reck Defended against Phil Atlas & Havoc
September 24/06 Reck Defeated Cody Steele
September 24/06 Cody Steele Defeated PD Skillz
September 24/06 PD Skillz Jacqui Jones gave the X Title to Skillz
June 4/06 Dragon X Defended against Shawn Styles & Brad Martin
April 30/06 Dragon X Defeated JTP
April 30/06 JTP Defeated PWX Fan
April 30/06 PWX Fan Claimed Vacant Title
April 30/06 Vacant Jessy Jones gave up the Title
April 30/06 Jessy Jones Defeated Willy Allen
April 30/06 Willy Allen Defeated Buck10
April 30/06 Buck10 Defeated Freak Show
April 30/06 Freak Show Defeated Jayson Chambers
February 26/06 Jayson Chambers Winner of the X Division KOTR
February 26/06 Vacant PD Skillz stripped of the Title
December 11/05 PD Skillz Defended against Jayson Chambers
October 2/05 PD Skillz Defeated Jessy Jones
August 7/05 Jessy Jones Defended against Kaos
June 5/05 Jessy Jones Defended against Freak Show
May 14/05 Jessy Jones Defended against Buck10
April 24/05 Jessy Jones Defended against Jayson Chambers
February 20/05 Jessy Jones Defeated Kaos
February 18/05 Kaos Defended against Jayson Chambers
January 21/05 Kaos Defended against Predator
December 19/04 Kaos Defended against Dark Soul
November 21/04 Kaos Defended against PotBox Hero
November 7/04 Kaos Defended against Jayson Chambers
October 24/04 Kaos Defeated Predator
October 10/04 Predator Defended against PD Skillz
September 26/04 Predator Defeated Dark Soul & Joey Reveal



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