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Show Venue

Tillsonburg Community Center Complex
45 Hardy Ave. Tillsonburg, ON

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X Division Singles Match- Jayson Chambers vs. Freestyler | Jayson Chambers ** - Winner by Pinfall
    The show opened with Jayson Chambers' new segment "The Sports Chamber". JC brought out his first ever guests, PWX owner Maddog and King Kong Bundy. JC asked Bundy what his favourite wrestling moment was, but before he could answer, JC ignorantly pulled back the mic and exclaimed "I knew it was you meeting PWX superstar Jayson Chambers!" JC then unleashed Maddog onto the mic. Maddog let everyone know that Bundy was going to squash the X Division and Kaos, who he called out to allow him a chance to beg for his life. Kaos came crawling out on his hands and knees and then asked Bundy "Did you ever get the meatloaf my mom sent you?" Kaos then asked Bundy to crush the 2 idiots in the ring. Bundy made quick work of Maddog and JC and made his exit to chants of "BUNDY! BUNDY! BUNDY!" Freestyler then ran out and nailed JC with a missile dropkick just as he was getting to his feet. These two were going to go at it. Freestyler pulled out a pile of moves from his arsenal including a top rope totally inverted 2 foot head stomp and a beautiful layout moonsault onto JC who was laying on a ladder. But, this high flyer couldn't overcome JC, a man whose "hands are his weapons" after he hit his opponent with his patented top rope back rake.  
Pro Division Singles Match - Predator vs. Nightmare | Predator ** - Winner by Pinfall
    Predator came out to the ring with a new found aggression. PWX newcomer Nightmare didn't stand a chance against the veteran powerhouse. Pred pulled off his finisher, "The Huntdown" and took an easy 3.
Tag Team Match - Rising Sun vs. Cold Heat vs. Warhed/Flex vs. Manhattyn/Hart | Cold Heat ** - Winner by match stipulation
    This match up featured Cold Heat, Rising Sun, Manhattyn & Mike Hart, and Warhed & Pimp Daddy Flex. Each team brought a table to the ring. Once their table was broken, they were eliminated. The first team out was Manhattyn and Hart, who were closely followed by Warhed and Pimp Daddy Flex. This left Cold Heat and Rising Sun. The two teams battled back and forth until Cold Heat gained the edge thanks to JC. Buck 10 then finished the job with a huge top rope splash onto both Dragon X and Scorpio who were on a table outside of the ring.
X Division Singles Match - Dark Soul vs. Jeff Black | Dark Soul ** - Winner by Pinfall
    Black may have made a mistake in painting his face in an attempt to mock Dark Soul at the start of the match. At the sound of the bell Dark Soul proceeded to man handle Black and destroyed him with chair shots and barbed wire. A note to Jeff Black, Get Well Soon.
X Division Title Match - Jessy Jones vs. PD Skillz | PD Skillz ** - Winner by Pinfall

Jessy started the match by asking the members of the Sports Generation to leave the ring and not interfere in the match, as he wanted a clean right for once. He then called out his challenger PD Skillz who brought Jacqui Jones out by his side. Both wrestlers agreed that it was time to finish that match that they had not ended back on April 24, 2004. The 2 started off with an exchange of chair shots. When the flurry ended I can't believe that no one was knocked out cold. A heck of a match ensued. PD nailed Jessy with a spine buster through a table. Jessy with his "Sports Shocker" and JC with the distraction on the referee. This allowed PD to come from behind and take the 3 count and the X Division title. The whole Sports Generation then ran out and beat down Jessy for losing the Title. They then kick him out of the stable which he had formed.

Pro Division Singles Match - CK Sexx vs. King Kong Bundy | King Kong Bundy ** - Winner by Pinfall
    Latino Pete opened the second half of the show by interviewing former Pro Division Champ Cody Steele. The former Champion came out to the ring sporting a hardcore mullet and some ratty clothes. Cody told everyone about his bad luck and hard times after losing the belt. He had to sell all of his possessions to stay afloat and even sold the rights to his ring name. Cody Steele was no more and he now had to go by his real name, Cody Deaner. He was so bummed that he let everyone know that he was just going to quit. Luckily for the PWX fans, out rolled an ignorant Andrew Davis who taunted Deaner into a fight. Despite Deaner’s recent hardships, the fans backed him 100% and cheered him on as he battled his opponent in and out of the ring. The wrestling seemed to liven up the Deaner who was “gettin’ er done”. Cody took the 3 count and exited to some vintage 80’s rock.
Pro Division Title Match - Eddie Osbourne vs. Freak Show | Freak Show ** - Winner by Pinfall
    This was Freak Show's opportunity to gain the PWX gold from Eddie Osbourne, the very man that cost Freak the title 1 year ago at the first ever PWX event. Both wrestlers pulled out all the stops. Eddie unveiled a few new deadly moves from his bag of tricks. The Freak countered with the heart of a champion and the will to win. Just as Freak could see the glimmer of gold around his waist, out ran the Sports Generation as usual with their classic distract and beat down routine. Out of nowhere Jessy Jones ran out and made the save which allowed Freak to take the win. Freak had all the kids in the audience celebrate his victory by joining him in the ring.
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